28. - 30. September 2018

Welcome to the main page of Bratislava's freshest MUN conference!


28. - 30. September 2018

Expected beginning time 9:00 September 28th

Expected ending time 14:00 September 30th


Škola pre mimoriadne nadané deti a gymnázium (SMND)

Skalická cesta 1, Bratislava, Slovakia


Maximum persons per delegation: 6

Multiple delegations per school are allowed

Single delegates are allowed

Foreign delegations will have the opportunity to have accomodations booked for them free of charge

Dear Delegates, Teachers and Parents,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the very first APROMUN event. After months of careful planning, preparation and hard work, the Secretariat, Chairs and all other Members of staff are delighted to invite you to take part in fruitful debate and discussion on the soil of the School for Exceptionally Gifted Children in Bratislava this June.

Our goal going into APROMUN was to have a conference lead by passionate, experienced MUN-goers and to make the conference meet a high, international standard. I speak for the entire Secretariat when I say we are passionate about MUN and this conference has been a product of many hours spent creating and crafting the best experience we could possibly make.

A big emphasis for us at APROMUN is making sure first-time delegates get the most out of their first MUN experience. MUN conferences may seem daunting at first, which is why our team is hard at work crafting a special section of our webpage dedicated to first-time, or beginner delegates that want to feel out the MUN rules before signing up. Experienced delegates will also find many links to external websites to further increase their MUN competences in expectation of the APROMUN conference. This section will be available free of charge forever and will contain everything the delegate will need to know to have their shot at becoming the best delegate.

The most important message I wish to convey throughout the entire conference is for our delegates to see themselves as powerful, impactful individuals capable of action. This entire conference is a testament to the fact that will, passion and hard work bears fruit. I hope that each delegate attending APROMUN will be inspired to take on new challenges, expand their knowledge and make change, be it local or global, but most of all lasting. I also hope delegates step out of their comfort zones and embrace the opportunity in making change and become brave for those who might not be so much.

It is my greatest wish that APROMUN will occupy a beautiful place in participants’ memories and that all delegates will walk away feeling content, inspired and fired up to make change. The Secretariat and I could not be more excited about APROMUN and I am looking forward to seeing what delegates will achieve in this year’s conference! Thank you evry much for your trust in us and your support of APROMUN in its first year. I am looking forward to seeing you all and greeting with as many of you as possible.


Samuel Šulovský