28. - 30. September 2018

Learn about the APROMUN staff!

APROMUN aspires to connect students from all across the globe with affordable entrance fees and the promise of an excellent debate in the heart of Bratislava, Slovakia.

what is apromun

Aprogen Model United Nations is a three-day United Nations simulation for high school students from all over the world organised on the soil of the School for Exceptionally Gifted Children at Skalická Cesta 1 in Bratislava, Slovakia. At APROMUN, delegates from all across the globe will interact with one another in debate and diplomacy in order to solve complex challenges facing the world today. Students take on the roles of UN delegates for their assigned countries and will experience the inner workings of the UN hands-on. By engaging in discussion about topics concerning international security, economic development, social progress and human rights, delegates learn to feel confident and navigate the difficulties of international relations and teamwork, adopt new perspectives, tolerance and work together to write comprehensive resolutions to global issues of utmost importance.

APROMUN strives to provide every delegate with an enriching and wonderful experience. Through our rewritten and streamlined Rules of Procedure and emphasis on Chair training, APROMUN strives to take place as a new, annual MUN conference in Bratislava. With passion and attention to detail and the smooth course of the conference, we believe APROMUN will be an experience nobody attending will regret or forget.

the objective

Empower, Grow, Enlighten

The main objective of APROMUN is to give students from all across the world an opportunity to partake in debate regarding global issues and to assure these debates empower, enlighten and that students grow from their experience at APROMUN. Delegates attending APROMUN will develop skills in diplomacy, critical thinking, problem solving and cooperation that will surely motivate them to tackle issues in their local communities, or in the global sphere, promoting an awareness of global citizenship. We hope delegates leave APROMUN with a grown belief in themselves, in the fact that they can make an impact and change the world to be a better place.

the secretariat

Jakub Hantabál Under Secretary General

Chief of Staff

Jakub has always loved making things happen, both in school and in his private life. He has taken part in many competitions and MUN events, gone through an exchange program in Vienna and much more. He‘s also an experienced delegate, so he feels comfortable organizing a MUN event himself. He chose the duty of the Head of Staff because of his passion for organizing things smoothly and tightly.

Samuel Šulovský Secretary General

Samuel is a Septima student at ŠPMNDaG. He’s passionate about linguistics, public speaking, history and geopolitics. As Secretary-general, Sam will be responsible for making sure everyone is doing what they’re meant to be doing as well as being the head of everything. Hopefully, his ego won’t bang it’s head when entering conference rooms...

Sofia Šulek Under Secretary General

Head of Chairs

Sofia Šulek is your Deputy Secretary General, Head of Chairs and Chair of the Security Council. She has extensive experience in MUN and debating competitions. She will be responsible for all the chairs, the Security Council as well as a smooth flow of the conference. She sincerely hopes that this conference will be a chance for all of you to improve your capabilities and grow as a person, as it has been for her in the past.

David Pieš Head of Delegation Services

Dávid Pieš is a student at ŠpMNDaG. Work that falls under his competence is the AproMUN Delegation Services. He is focusing on Accomodation of non-local participants and is trying to provide the best venue for chill parties and is creating the best delegation guide team. Now, a little bit about David. He spends his leisure time at the Red Cross as a voulenteer. That means he works as a medic at various events and teaches people how to give first aid. He likes politics and moreover, likes to talk about it and listen to multiple opinions.

Matej Sedlár Head of Communications

Matej Sedlár is the youngest member of the team at APROMUN, but that doesn't stop him from running everything effectively when it comes to communications. He'll be responsible for answering any and all messages from you, generally speaking.

Vanessa Eisnerová Head of Confercence Service

Vanessa Eisnerová is a penultimate student at ŠpMNDaG and as a Head of Conference Services, her job is to provide event coordination prior to and during the whole MUN conference. Among her responsibilities are planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating all catering and conference operations. To know Vanessa a little bit more on a personal level, her biggest passion is psychology and she spends her leisure time volunteering in KDN and taking singing classes.

Our School

The team organizing this event is from Škola pre Mimoriadne Nadané Deti a Gymnázium. It was established in 1998 and since has managed to become a very successful institution. As the title states, the students are gifted children who often represent the school in a truly wide range of competitions. The school has taken the first place in the INEKO rankings for public high schools, including year 2017. The school has been dubbed “the Slovak Harvard” by politician, Mr. Beblavý. The organizing team would like to thank the school for permitting this MUN conference to take place in the building of the school. Lastly, the organizing team would like to thank PhDr. Jolana Laznibatová CSc. and PhDr. Milan Bujňák for providing APROMUN with funding and assistance in organizing this event. ŠpMNDaG is honored to be hosting this conference and is looking forward to it!